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Healing Spirits is a well-rounded and thorough massage training program, offering a 625 hour certification. Our program is designed for people who are interested in studying the field of massage therapy without having to relocate or interrupt their current occupation and/or family life.

We are a small grass-roots program which aims to meet the unique needs of each group and each individual in the group.

The intimate size of this program promotes in-depth learning on both personal and professional levels. Attention is placed on versatility and creativity.


We at Healing Spirits place a great emphasis on helping each student find and develop their own style of practicing therapeutic bodywork so that it comes from the heart.

This is complimented by improving the student’s quality of touch, and therefore the quality of treatment given. 

We recognize that learning massage therapy is quite different from learning many other skills. For this reason, we employ an alternative and eclectic teaching style that appeals to the kinesthetic faculties while honoring other types of understanding. It is our emphasis on experiential learning that shapes this practice-oriented program. Students will learn the theory and application of many different types of massage, leaving them equipped with the necessary skills for a successful practice in any environment.


Balance is the key concept at Healing Spirits.

We will explore how to do specific and technical work while maintaining the integrity and spirit of both client and therapist.  We believe that personal awareness through touch is invaluable to the field of hands-on therapy.  It is through this awareness, along with practical training, that inspiration for a life long career in massage therapy can evolve.

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