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Table Talk

Below are some guidelines you will want to consider in purchasing a massage table, which can be an “investment of a lifetime”. A well cared for table can last for decades. There are several factors to consider in how a table can best serve not only your needs but those of your clients as well. There are also multiple sources to explore in finding one.

Healing Spirits can offer you a 10% discount as well as free shipping from the following companies (provided we order it for you): EarthliteOakworksCustom Craftworks, and Living Earthcrafts. You can search their websites for what these companies have to offer and then place your order through Healing Spirits to receive your discount and free shipping.  If you order directly through any table company, you will be subject to full retail pricing.

Other Sources

The internet can serve you on many levels from researching your options to purchasing…..just be sure to be careful and consider the information below.

**As you are shopping around, we advise you to NOT purchase a table with recess panels for breasts or pregnant bellies already built into the table as no two bodies are made alike, therefore having “one size fits all” here is difficult to manage. You can use other bolsters to accommodate these needs.

New vs. Used

There are a couple things to consider here:  First of all, when buying a table new from a reputable massage table retailer, you not only get a warranty, but a customer service relationship that can help you down the road should any issues or future needs arise with your table.   And as mentioned above, if you buy a table from one of the above mentioned companies, you can save around $50 – $100 total.

Student Packages

These are often the way to go as you can get a considerable discount on some essential accessories like a face cradle (make sure it is adjustable), carrying case, bolsters etc. But these are offered on new tables only.



Easy Access End Panels

Sometimes called “Reiki End Panels.” This is a highly recommended feature for working seated at the head, neck and shoulders as well as the feet for reflexology etc. Even to just have this feature at one end of the table makes a huge difference in your comfort at the table.


A very important consideration for both you and your clients. Tables will vary in width from 28” to 33”. You want one wide enough for your client’s comfort, but not too wide for you to navigate using good body mechanics.   The overall average workable width is 30” for anyone from 5’ to 5’8” or so.   This also gives ample space for client comfort.   A more narrow table will not allow for enough space for your clients arms to rest comfortably.   A table any wider than 31” will start to compromise you as a therapist both in maneuvering around the table but also in transporting it as the extra width will add extra weight.


This will vary from approximately 28lbs to 35lbs depending on the thickness of padding, type of padding, width of table etc.  If you plan on traveling with your table in any way, this is an important consideration. A carrying case is almost a must in safe transporting of your table.


This is the easiest feature to work with on your own. If you are saving money on thinner or low grade padding, you can supplement this feature with a foam pad, fleece pad, etc.


This is the least important feature of all because you are the only one who usually even sees the color of the table itself as it will be covered with sheets by the time your client “sees” your table. Lighter colors will show dirt more easily which is something you may want to consider.


Most table companies offer an upgrade to a more expensive upgrade of a more plush material that has a nicer feel to it, but again it is something that can be a waste of money for 2 reasons.  First is the fact that the standard covering has a long life to it and often comes with a long warranty anyway. Second is, once again, only you are going to feel it as your table will be covered with sheets by the time your client gets on it.


It is preferred that the table comes with an adjustable headrest for the comfort of your client.



If you have questions, call 970-531-5559 or email

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