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Our Program

Our goal at Healing Spirits is to give you a unique, yet well-rounded education in massage.

We will provide you with as many “tools” as possible to go out and passionately share your knowledge and healing with the world. It has been incredibly inspiring for me to watch the students at Healing Spirits blossom into skilled and heart-centered massage therapists.


  1. To assist students in becoming skilled and versatile professional massage therapists with working knowledge of the body’s structure and functions.

  2. To aid students in developing healthy work habits to help avoid practitioner burn-out, to know their limits and when it is appropriate to use outside referrals.

  3. To shed light on health and healing as an art as well as a science.

  4. To guide students in personal development and awareness as a way of improving their ability to work with integrity, depth, and compassion.

  5. To increase the students’ sensitivities to the inter-connection between body, mind and spirit.

  6. To establish and maintain a co-creative atmosphere of learning and exploration.

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