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Applying for our program isn’t difficult, but it does require some footwork.  Complete the application below to embark on your journey towards this rewarding new career!


Application Procedures and Requirements

Application Process:

  1. Complete application

  2. Essay (submit online or email to


      • Why are you interested in studying massage therapy?

      • How did you first become inspired to become a massage therapist?

      • What assets do you have to make you a successful student and practitioner of massage therapy?

      • What previous experience do you have in working with people?

      • Why have you chosen Healing Spirits Massage Training Program?

      • Are there special needs while attending Healing Spirits that may affect your participation in classes?

      • What type of support system (emotional, financial, etc.) will you have during the program?

  3. Application fee of $100

  4. 2 letters of recommendation from credible sources (e.g. personal mentor, clergy, health professional, massage therapist, employer, etc.) emailed to

  5. Transcripts- email to or mail to the school

  6. Schedule an interview* with the Director

*All application materials must be turned in before scheduling your interview (transcripts do not have to be in hand, but must have been ordered and be on the way)

Application Deadline:

2 weeks before the class is scheduled to start (but we sometimes make exceptions if you’re a rock star so don’t let this deter you if you’re a little behind schedule!)

Prospective students must:

  1. Be at least 19 years old
  2. Be emotionally stable & physically able to participate in all classes
  3. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.


No discrimination is made based on sexual orientation, race, age, gender, or creed.

A student may be accepted for admission to the program at any time, provided there is space available.

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