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Graduation, Certification, & Licensure

Graduation Requirements

  1. Passing grades for all classes

  2. Completed all practicum work

  3. Given, recorded, & turned-in all required outside-of-class massage hours (125 hrs)

  4. Paid all outstanding tuition and fees



Students of Healing Spirits who have successfully completed the Healing Spirits massage training program by meeting all of the above graduation requirements will receive a Certification of Completion and be considered Certified Massage Therapists.


Healing Spirits meets the requirements needed for graduates to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensure Examination (MBLEX) and/or the equivalent National Certification Exam (NCE).  Students are prepared for both exams via practice tests throughout the school year.

Please note that a passing score on either the MBLEX or the NCE is required to get a license to practice massage therapy in the State of Colorado.  Registration is required to legally practice Massage Therapy for compensation in Colorado.  Rules and requirements vary from state to state.

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